Admit that you have more pictures of your dog sleeping on your phone than is socially acceptable. don’t worry, you’re not alone. with the variety of adorable dog sleeping positions our fur-children settle into, who could blame you?

As your dog sleeps in bed, they look utterly peaceful and adorable. They may lie completely still and mostly silent, except for occasional peculiar sounds as they dream about cheese, tennis balls, and never-ending walks.

1. The Donut – All Curled Up Like A Snowball

Have you ever seen your dog sleeping all snuggled up with its nose to tail? But why do they sleep this way and what does it mean? A 2010 article by Nicola J. Rooney & John W. S. Bradshaw uncovered some interesting dynamics from the behavior of dozing dogs. If your dog is sleeping all curled up, it might be because they’re trying to protect their vital organs from the cold. Plus, this position could be a sign that your pooch is feeling chilly and wants to conserve as much body heat as possible. If your four-legger doesn’t usually lounge in this position and they’ve taken to it recently, and they also seem unwell, consider taking them to the vet.

The Snowball position could also illustrate that your dog does not feel safe. They may sleep in this position more frequently if they are staying in an environment they are not used to. Dogs that have a timid or anxious personality may typically sleep like this. When your dog feels relaxed and comfortable, you may see them sleep more in the next position.

2. The Belly Up, Legs Everywhere

When your pooch lays on their back with their legs splayed, it’s a particularly humorous position to see them dozing in. But if your dog is flat out on its back with its legs pointed in every direction, this is a reassuring sign. This illustrates how truly relaxed and comfortable they feel around you! Dogs with an easy-going, playful personality may sleep like this as a signal that says, “I’m ready to play when you are!

3. The Superman

One of the most popular and adorable sleeping positions that dog owners find their pup in is the superman position. Do your dogs sleep on their front with all four legs outstretched as if they are a stalking cheetah? This is particularly common in puppies, as they are always looking to quickly jump up and play. This echoes the findings of the American Journal of Physiology, which started by looking at the significance of diet on the energy of dogs, and in their work uncovered some peculiar other factors too, such as sleeping habits.

If your dog sleeps in the Superman position, they are probably fit, healthy, and raring to go. So stop reading this and go get your lead, because your dog is probably itching to go for a walk!

4. On the Side

Many canines prefer to sleep on their sides, as this position is both comfortable and relaxed. This allows them to feel safe and secure in their home environment. Additionally, sleeping on their side exposes their stomach to the air, which reduces their feeling of vulnerability.

5. The Lion pose

Did you know that when your dog falls asleep, it might doze off in the majestic position of a lion? Sleeping with their head resting on top of their paws, your canine companion can feel like a king or queen of the jungle – even when just taking a nap.

Dogs often sleep in this position as a way to rest but still be alert in case of any sudden movements. According to Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ, this is a common sleeping position for dogs because it allows them to be prepared for anything that may happen.

6. The Cuddler

Number one among affectionate and loving dogs who like to sleep on laps or curled up next to a fellow furry friend, this adorable sleeping position is loved by pet parents everywhere. If you find your dog always wanting to be snuggled up with you, it’s a sign of love and bonding that you share.

7. The Burrower

Do you have a furry friend who loves to burrow under the covers of your bed? If so, you likely have a burrower on your hands. These cuddly creatures are affectionate but need to feel safe, so they’ll often search for comfort and security in the form of clothes, blankets, and pillows.

When tucking your pup into bed, make sure they feel safe and loved by surrounding them with items they can snuggle into. In the wild, most dogs would sleep together in close quarters to help them feel safe, so make sure your pup has all the love and attention they need to settle at night.

8. Back to back

Similar to how people sleep by cuddling up close to their loved ones when a dog likes to sleep back to back, it means they are seeking comfort and love. This position is often seen as a sign of companionship and bonding between two individuals.

According to Jen Jones, sleeping back-to-back with someone indicates a sense of intimacy and trust. Dogs who sleep in this position are often showing their affection for the person they feel safest with. Which could be an additional family member or another dog or cat.

9. Head and Neck Raised

Some dogs prefer to sleep with their heads elevated above the level of their bodies. This could be a sign that your dog has difficulty breathing properly and might have heart disease or other conditions. If you notice your dog sleeping this way, be sure to keep an eye out for noisy or rapid breathing, or an inability to participate in normal exercise. If you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

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