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Are Malinois aggressive ?

Malinois aggressive

Are Belgian Malinois aggressive – Do he like other dogs and pets?

Belgian Malinois are great but they are not the typical family dogs as they were bred as herding dogs. They have proven their utility in sports competitions and have a reputation for being military/police/protection dogs. They instinctively display herding behaviors; chasing, nipping, and biting people’s feet and ankles and also have a strong prey drive. Which explains why there is a debate about whether they should be kept as family dogs.

In this article, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about that :

Are Belgian Malinois aggressive ?

They are typically wary and even aloof and hostile towards strangers as they were bred as guardians since their beginning.

Still, they should never be fearful, shy, or respond with aggression or nervousness when introduced or confronted with an unfamiliar person unless they have not been properly socialized.

However, some bad temperament is always expected but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Malinois are friendly if they have been introduced to new people, places, and exposed to different experiences as they were growing up.

Their aggressiveness has a lot to do with how you raise and train them. It’s your responsibility to keep your dog under control.

Do Belgian Malinois like other dogs and pets?

Malinois do not get along well with other animals especially non-canine animals.

These herding dogs may try to dominate other pets or smaller animals in the household and can also be protective, territorial, possessive, and jealous.

They can be aggressive towards dogs they don’t know and chase cats and small animals unless they’re brought up with them from puppyhood.

They can be socialized by attending puppy kindergarten and places like dog parks where there are strange people and animals. This will help them become socialized and learn how to act around other dogs and be comfortable with them.

In conclusion, Belgian malinois CAN make great family dogs if given the perfect combination of physical training and socialization.

Although it is recommended to socialize them at a young age, it can still be done at any age to make your Malinois a well-rounded and friendly dog that does not fear other people or animals.

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