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Belgian malinois Protection Dogs – For Home, Family and Livestock

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs
Image par Katrin B. de Pixabay

Is the Belgian malinois a Protection Dogs?

Besides being great companions, Belgian Malinois is more of a working dog and is often used by both the police and the military. They are known to be extremely intelligent, energetic, and have a strong athletic build and make excellent protection dogs to keep you and your family safe.

Due to their protective and territorial instincts and their herding nature, the Belgian Malinois sees your family as a herd and views his role as your guardian and protector. But for that, they need to be well trained.

Their relationship with children:

If your dog is well introduced to them and properly socialized, he will be good with your children, love them and protect them.

And he will be accepting and safe for them especially if raised with them from a very young age.

However, young children should not be left alone and better be supervised with your dog because they may trigger its prey response or possibly a protective response.

Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs of Livestock:

Finding a good Livestock guard dog is completely unlike finding a good pet. For that you will need a working dog wich makes Belgian malinois a great choice as they were originally bred as

sheep-herding dogs.

They are hard-working, intense, alert, and have enough natural suspicion to make them great watchdogs.

keep in mind that proper socialization is important to have a well-rounded dog that is not aggressive and does not fear other people or animals.

What type of owner it takes to keep up with a Belgian Malinois?

Belgian Malinois is definitely not a dog for someone who isn’t able to demonstrate authority over a dog.

And because of their strong work drive, they do best with families that are active and will meet their work and exercise needs. They require good training and socialization, a yard and plenty of room to run and play.

So, if you think the Belgian Malinois is the best protection dog, leave it in a comment below


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