Top 10 Most Common Dog Disease and Health Issues

Keeping your dog in healthiness condition may be a responsibility that you simply need to take seriously if you would like to scale back the danger of various issues and diseases which will infect your dog.

Sometimes dogs fall ill but showings faint symptoms that you simply probably haven’t any idea about them – thinking it’s not a significant issue, but it’s could be a symbol of any common disease that you simply need to concentrate on.


That’s why it is so important to know these types of symptoms and diseases in order to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Heartworms isn’t a contagious disease; it’s a kind of helminth that transmit by mosquitos who hold it for a brief period of your time. an easy bite on the dog can cause a significant issue, unfortunately. Dog heart-worm can take years before your dog shows any sign, which makes it worse. Worms live and grow inside the dog’s heart or maybe the lung. The symptoms of heartworm in dogs are often coughing, tiredness, trouble breathing, collapsing, or depression, which tell it’s the time to go to a veterinarian to make a decision on the proper treatment and drugs for your dog.

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